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September 21, 2021

How to support kids with juvenile arthritis

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) can be difficult for children to live with. That's why it is important for parents and guardians to learn about...

Juvenile Arthritis
September 20, 2021

Fast facts about hypothyroidism

Nearly 5% of Americans over the age of 12 have hypothyroidism. It is most common in women. Hashimoto's disease is a common cause of hypothyroidism. When...

September 16, 2021

Hypothyroidism vs. hyperthyroidism: What’s the difference?

Hypothyroidism (or underactive thyroid) When your thyroid gland doesn't make enough thyroid hormone May cause weight gain, constipation, slowed heart rate, dry skin and...

September 15, 2021

4 tips for keeping young athletes safe

To prevent sports injuries, kids need to get plenty of rest, play a variety of sports, and follow the rules and regulations, says Miho Tanaka,...

Kids Sports Injuries
The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland that wraps around the trachea, or breathing tube.
September 14, 2021

Hypothyroidism research: A long-term effort

Hypothyroidism can be a complicated disease on its own and require daily medication in most cases and surgery in more serious cases. But many people...

Marie A. Bernard, M.D.
September 09, 2021

5 questions for NIH’s Dr. Marie A. Bernard

Formerly with the National Institute on Aging, Marie A. Bernard, M.D., transitioned to the role of chief officer for scientific workforce diversity at the...

NIH Research
The sticker changes color when it measures chloride levels in sweat. Excessive chloride can indicate cystic fibrosis.
September 08, 2021

Small patch can diagnose cystic fibrosis earlier

Early diagnosis for cystic fibrosis (CF) can make a big difference in improving the quality of life for people with CF. It can also help...

Cystic Fibrosis
Michael Ombrello, M.D., studies genetically complex diseases like juvenile idiopathic arthritis.
September 07, 2021

New research strives to understand juvenile arthritis

In addition to researching joint and bone health in young athletes, the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) also studies specific...

Juvenile Arthritis
Leslie Heffernan, with her dog, Bella.
September 02, 2021

Triathlete on winning the cancer race

In 2018, Leslie Heffernan, then 58, was training for a triathlon. The Massachusetts resident has always been active and ran, swam, and biked in her spare time...

Ovarian Cancer
Stay with a person that is having a seizure and keep them safe from harmful objects.
September 01, 2021

How to help someone who is having a seizure

If a person is having a seizure, it's important to know how to help. Some signs of seizure, according to the National Institute of...

Currently, all children ages 12 and older are permitted to get the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.
August 31, 2021

How to protect your family from COVID-19

Though most children and teenagers have had less severe cases of COVID-19 compared with adults, they can still get sick and spread the disease to...

COVID-19 Vaccines
Children and adults with type 1 diabetes have to measure their blood sugar multiple times a day.
August 30, 2021

New drug may slow or prevent type 1 diabetes

A recent study has found that a drug may delay the start of type 1 diabetes in people who are high risk, such as people who...

Type 1 Diabetes
Three-year-old Kai Johnson has a rare condition that causes epilepsy and other symptoms.
August 26, 2021

One family’s journey to find epilepsy answers

As an infant, Kai Johnson struggled to reach developmental milestones on time. He sat up and crawled late, and he had difficulty chewing and swallowing...

 Henry B. Burch, M.D., is a program director at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.
August 25, 2021

Why the internet can’t diagnose your thyroid problem

Nearly five out of 100 Americans over the age of 12 have hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid. Because the condition is common, people often think they have...