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September 02, 2019

Brain ripples could hold clues to memory

You're trying to remember a word. You're thinking, thinking … and suddenly, it pops into your head. NIH...

Angela Christiano, Ph.D., has studied alopecia for decades.
August 29, 2019

Close to home: NIH researcher and alopecia patient seeks a cure

Angela Christiano, Ph.D., is not a typical researcher. Dr. Christiano studies a hair loss disease called alopecia areata. She...

Alopecia Areata

August 21, 2019

Just 30 minutes of daily exercise can help correct a day of sitting

Americans spend a lot of time sitting—at their desk, in the car, and on the couch. This can take a...

August 20, 2019

Irregular sleep schedules can lead to bigger health issues

There's bad news for those of us who have inconsistent sleep schedules, such as sleeping too little during the...

Healthy Sleep

April 06, 2019

Untreated sleep apnea can lead to high blood pressure in African Americans

Getting restful sleep is often hard. Sleep apnea can make it even harder. New NIH-supported research finds that African Americans...

Sleep Apnea
April 05, 2019

Red meat and the risk of heart disease

Lean red meat in moderation is a great source of protein, iron, vitamin B12, and zinc. But too much red...

Heart Diseases

April 05, 2019

Study connects dots between vaginal birth, pelvic floor disorder

A recent NIH study found that women who gave birth through cesarean section (c-section) were at lower risk of developing...

Pelvic Floor Disorder
February 13, 2019

8 NIH research highlights

What did we learn in 2018 that could help your health this year or in the future? NIH-supported researchers worked on a...

NIH Research

NIH-supported researchers are testing a wearable blood pressure monitor. They hope to develop a wireless version, like the one seen here, soon.
January 14, 2019

A wearable blood pressure monitor may be in our future

More and more consumers are using health monitors they can wear. These wearables make it easier for patients to track...

Blood Pressure
January 14, 2019

Restoring beneficial gut bacteria in cancer patients

Could our own bacteria be helpful in cancer treatment? Maybe, say researchers sponsored in part by the National Institute of...